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High quality

Brand labels

For professional and high-quality branded labels, Juritex is the place to be. You can design the labels completely by yourself, or we can advise you on this.

Brand labels from Juritex

Juritex has been producing a wide variety of branded label designs for years. These labels are often used for branding your work. Hence, they are called brand labels or branded labels. At Juritex, you can have brand labels fully personalized. This means that you can completely control the design of the labels. Of course, you may not know exactly what your personalized brand label should look like. We are happy to help you out with this. At Juritex, we are always willing to advise you with the design or help with the design. All to achieve the best possible end-result. To make your work stand out even more in a subtle way.

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Juritex’s brand labels aim to increase the branding of your brand. This can be done in a various ways. For example, you can choose to display only your brand name on the brand labels. But in addition, you can also choose to have your logo, your identity or your slogan reflected on the labels. Anything is possible in this, as long as your brand gets more attention.

Woven or printed labels

When choosing brand labels from Juritex, it is important to consider what kind of look the labels should have. The production method you choose, does play a large role in this. Are you looking for labels that have a robust and durable appearance? Then woven labels are the best option. If you want labels with a tighter look, then the labels can best be printed. In addition, you can choose whether you want the labels printed on one side or two sides, and the possibilities in terms of colours are endless.


For many years Juritex has been the address for a wide range of standard haberdashery and customised solutions for various branches in the textile processing industry. But Juritex is more than just a wide assortment and a large inventory. We are the partner who thinks along with you, who innovates and implements custom solutions, and works with you to find the perfect result. Our own machinery allows us to offer a fast custom solution for you at all times. In addition, we are happy to share our years of experience and extensive knowledge of materials with you. If you, for example, have a question about labels or another product from Juritex? Please contact us, there is always a professional ready to help you with all your questions.