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Zipper chain

At Juritex you can find a wide range of zippers. Would you prefer to determine the size of the zipper yourself? You are at the right place at Juritex for zipper tape on a roll too.

Zipper on a roll from Juritex

Zippers can, of course, be used on different products. For example, for bags or pillows. If you would like to determine the length of the zipper chain yourself, a zipper on a roll or a zipper tape is ideal. You cut the zipper to the desired length and slide the slider on. At Juritex we aim to find the ideal dimensions of a zipper on a roll with you. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is indicate what the ideal size is for you, and we will provide you with a customised zipper tape.

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Use zipper tape

The nice thing about a zipper on a roll is the possibility to determine the ideal length per zipper yourself. When doing this, keep in mind that you are cutting about 5 inches longer than the length you need. This ensures that the zipper is easy to handle. When you have cut the ideal length of the zipper tape, slide the slider on. This is like zipping up your jacket. Do this gently; it is not necessary to apply force. Do you need a tool? Of course, we can supply those as well!


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