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Piping tape

Are you looking for a suitable piping tape? Then you have come to the right place at Juritex. We produce different types of piping for different applications.

What is piping tape?

Piping is a narrow and flat ribbon which is thicker on one side. The piping tape is stitched on in such a way, that only the thickening is visible. This way a decoration is created that looks like cord is stitched along the side. Piping is mostly used in clothing but also, for example, for home interior.

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Various kinds of piping

There are several types of piping tape. At Juritex, we produce elastic piping tape or piping cord without stretch. In addition, it is possible to use different types of fabric. This includes for example cotton. These types of fabric are mainly used in clothing because they are quite thin. For home interiors such as furniture and cushions, a thicker fabric type such as Skai leather is used. At Juritex, we produce this product in a variety of sizes and colours. You just need to indicate your desired size and colour.

At Juritex we are happy to help you

Are you now looking for piping tape for your application but are unsure about the right material or whether you should use elastic piping? Then please contact us. We are available to answer your questions about this product, or any other products at any time. We like to give you our advice, share our thoughts and love to share our knowledge of materials with you. Together we can create the perfect product. Because we always have a large stock and access to our own machinery, customised products can be delivered fast. This way we can always offer an appropriate solution.