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Elastic cord

Cord elastic or shock cord is, for example, used in tensioners, banners, tents, and storage pouches. In clothing, elastic cord is often used in combined with a cord stopper. Juritex’s cord elastic is of high quality and available in different thicknesses or colours.

What can you do with elastic cord

To produce cord elastic, we use different types of materials: polypropylene, polyester or polyamide sheath with a rubber core. Each material has its own advantages. We would love to have a look at the application you might need your elastic cord for and find the right match of materials. Of course, this also applies to the strength of the cord elastic, which is mainly determined by its thickness. We produce elastic cord with thickness from 1 mm to 10 mm in diameter. If you are you looking for sturdier cord elastic with a greater thickness, that’s no problem at all. We mainly produce elastic cord in natural/white or black. Would you like to purchase an elastic cord in a certain colour? That is no problem at all. We are always willing to think along with you in finding the right solution.

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Elastic cord, elastic and more

As a haberdashery supplier, Juritex offers a wide range of products. In addition to elastic cord, we offer elastic, Velcro, labels, etc. We have these products in stock at all times, so we can provide you with the right products when necessary. Virtually everything is possible, including stock management, logistical solutions, and processing. But that’s not all. At Juritex, we understand better than anyone what professional buyers expect from us. We are the supplier who thinks along, innovates and customizes.


Since Juritex was founded, service and customer focus have been central to our business. Whether you wish a certain or a specific colour, want to improve your product or reduce your costs, we are always there for you with sound advice. Always offering you reliability and quality. Always ready to provide you with a solution. So, do you have a question about cord elastic or one of our other products? Please contact us.