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Plastic items

For a variety of high-quality plastic items, Juritex is the place to be. As a distributor of ITW Nexus, among others, you are assured of top quality and a very wide range.

Plastic items from Juritex

As a haberdashery wholesaler, Juritex has been producing a variety of top-quality plastic items for many years. In this we also work closely with ITW Nexus. This brand has been designing and manufacturing various plastic buckles and fasteners components for over 25 years. One important item, for example, is the side release buckle.

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Side release buckles from Juritex

A side release buckle consists of two parts, one of which you insert into the other. Side release buckles are one of the plastic items that are incredibly versatile and can be used and applied in very many places. The possibilities are endless. This is because there are many different plastic buckles that can be used for a great many applications. In addition, side release buckles are also often available in different sizes and can be personalized for large numbers with, for example, your own logo or printing.

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Ever since Juritex was founded, one thing was the most important. To have you as a satisfied customer. We are therefore more than just a large stock and a wide range of products. Juritex is the partner who gives advice, thinks along with you and is there for you when needed. We are always happy to share our years of experience with you and to help you with all your questions. If, for example, you have a question about plastic articles or side release buckles and you are curious whether these products can offer a solution for you? Please feel free to contact us. We are only too happy to engage with you. All with just one goal, to achieve the ultimate result together.