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Cam buckle

When you want to fasten straps or lashings, it is best to use clamp buckles. This allows you to manually tension the webbing or lashing strap. For various clamp buckles of the best quality, you need to be at Juritex!

Clamp buckles from Juritex

Juritex offers you a choice of many different types of clamp closures. Which type of clamp buckle you need depends on what you are going to use it for. When using a trailer for instance, it is important that your cargo is properly secured. You will have to match the type of clamp to the weight of the load and the specifications of the tires used. Of course, we are happy to advise you on which type of clamp closure is best for you. We offer a wide range of measures and colours. In addition, Juritex cam buckles are available both separately and combined with a webbing strap or lashing strap.

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Use of the cam buckle

The combination of a webbing strap or lashing strap with a cam buckle is used to lash down various loads. There is a difference between a strap with a cam buckle and a strap with a ratchet. With a ratchet strap the strap is tensioned as tight as possible, a strap with a cam buckle must be tightened manually and therefore it cannot be tensioned as tight as with a ratchet. As a result, the tension strap with clamp buckle is less suitable for transporting very heavy materials, but all the more suitable for a load with a self-locking effect. This includes: garden waste or other loose parts as cargo.

You use the clip buckle by inserting the strap through it at the back. Then you pull the strap through the buckle and tighten it by hand. The buckle then keeps the strap in the position you released it from and prevents it from slipping off.


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