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Polyester webbing

The polyester ribbon or strap is the ideal strap for strapping a load quickly and securely. A polyester ribbon is flexible, yet very strong. At Juritex, we produce different types of polyester ribbons for different applications.

Function of polyester ribbons

A polyester ribbon is one of the most user-friendly, and inexpensive ways to secure a load securely. Using this strap made out of polyester webbing, prevents loads from falling off a pallet and makes it easy to bundle loose materials. What makes this polyester ribbon so user-friendly is the fact that the straps are light and flexible, yet immensely strong. Because of this, polyester webbing is very popular in the logistics industry.

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Polyester webbing from Juritex

As the name implies, polyester webbing is made of polyester. For this both polyester, as well as other raw materials, can be used. Besides polyester we mostly use polypropylene, polyamide (also called nylon) or a mixture of these raw materials. It can be used for different purposes like bags such as sports bags, school bags and backpacks. In addition, these webbings are also used for mattresses (then it is often called mattress band) or on tennis and volleyball nets (net band). We also produce polyester webbing to secure young trees to the poles next to them (tree straps), or for belts in bicycle seats or cargo bikes. Polyester webbing is a versatile product that can provide a solution for many different applications.

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Ever since it was founded, Juritex has had one thing in mind: service and customer focus. The most important thing for us is that you, as a customer, are satisfied. So we have everything to show for it. We are happy to share our years of experience and product knowledge with you. We always deliver fast and professional advice on the various possibilities. In addition, we are happy to communicate to accomplish the perfect final product. Are you in doubt about whether polyester webbing can be the solution for you? Or are you unsure which type of webbing is best for you? Then please contact us. We are always available to answer all your questions.